Activities to strengthen Social cohesion and integration

Awareness raising: Promoting the awareness of integration among African women in the Netherlands.
2009. The Hague.
Project Costs: € 6000.
Lead Manager: The Foundation VOND in collaboration with The Foundation Redeem (DRC).
Donor: The Municipality of The Hague: € 4000 & Fund 1818 € 2000.

To strengthen Social cohesion.
2008 and 2009. The Hague.
Municipality Iftar, Ramadan lecture, Celebrating Iedulfitr.
Project costs: Different budgets managed by the network; the Foundation Iedulfitr.
Lead Manager: The Foundation Iedulfitr in collaboration with VOND as active member.
Donor: The Municipality of The Hague.

Awareness raising: ”Migrant Children and Integration within different cultures”.
2007. The Hague.
Project costs: € 9750
Lead Manager: The team of VOND.
Donors: The Municipality of The Hague: € 6000 & Fund 1818 € 3750.

Virtual interaction between Dutch women and women from conflict areas in South Darfur.
Project costs: € 2500.
Lead Manager: Cooperation between VOND and The Dutch Women Council (NVR) and the Platform; Women Create
Alternative for UNSCR 1325 (VDV).
Donor: The Dutch Women Council (NVR).

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