Stichting Vrouwenorganisatie Nederland-Darfur

Women leaders as peacebuilders in Darfur

VOND collected stories of women leaders on how they handle local conflicts. The women are active in building bonds between women from different tribes, in “calming the tempers” of the belligerent parties, and in reaching agreeable and enduring solutions. Their experience is a great example to all of us.

The leadership for peace (LEAP) project

LEAP is a series of 8 learning events on peace and development organized by VOND, combined with local awareness building, networking actions and mediation efforts in villages that suffer from armed clashes. There is a report of each learning event.

The women’s alliance for peace in Darfur (WAP-Darfur)

The Alliance was born in November 2013 as an agreement between 16 women’s organisations from different regions in Darfur to work for peace and for the UN resolution 1325. WAP aims to cooperate with UNAMID and other international organisations for peace building and development from a women’s perspective. Read more

Women leaders as succesful mediators in Darfur

WAP-Darfur started in 2015 to act as a mediation resource for conflicts breaking out in armed clashes in which hundreds of people were killed. Read the documentation about these successful experiences.

The situation in Darfur

Read more on the womens’ movement in Sudan and on recent developments on women’s rights and peacebuilding Darfur.

Clip from the 4th Learning Event

Watch this short impression from the 4th Learning Event.

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