General Capacity building for Sudanese Diaspora

Training of Trainers in the field of ICT-professionalization, media and organisation management for female migrant leaders.
2011. The Hague.
Project Costs: € 39.870,00
Lead Manager: The Foundation AWOG in collaboration with VOND, The Foundation Redeem (DRC), and the foundation AZZA
Donors: Oxfam Novib € 25000, The Municipality of The Hague: € 6000 & Fund 1818 € 3000,
Contribution of the implementing organizations and participants €2870.

Health related topics for Sudanese diaspora.
2009. The Hague.
Trainings on nutritious meals to prevent obesity and other sicknesses.
Project costs: € 1300.
Lead Manager: The team of the foundation VOND.
Donor: The municipality of The Hague.

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