Individual activities

Presentation by director VOND and board member at Political Café organised by MaxvanderStoel Foundation (2019).
Topic: Power-Sharing agreement in Sudan, what needs to be done?

VOND at signatory and pledge event at NAP 1325 event, WO=MEN, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2019)
Speeches, a panel and the formal pledge signing. NAP3 has been extended to 2020

NAP Pledge Signing

VOND Foundation and WO=MEN (2019)
VOND and WO=MEN organised an expert meeting on Sudan with a special guest the director of SIHA at the location of WO=MEN in The Hague. Present were xxx NGOs and 4 representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The recent past and current situation were discussed. SIHA shared new Insights gathered during a 2 day seminar for women organisations in Khartoum. There was time for networking and to discuss potential initiatives to support the population of Sudan in its call for positive change. In addition the new Women, Peace and Security call for proposals were discussed.

VOND Foundation and Clingendael Institute on Mediation (2017)
This session provided information and insights on practicing mediation in the field (with special attention to the case of Darfur, Sudan), focussing on the role that women play in mediation. Often gender norms undervalue the position of women in peace – and reconciliation processes and the unique role that women play is therefore often overlooked. The evening session will cover:
(1) introductions on the links between mediation at the different levels in which it is practiced: local, regional, (inter-)national)
(2) exchange of experience with best practices on the unique role and added value of women in the peace processes.

Publication “Portraits of Women Peace Makers in Darfur (2016)
A booklet with 12 stories from 12 different locations in Darfur where women played a role in peace building, reconciliation and mediation. The booklet is published here.

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